Friday, May 1, 2009

Can we PUH-LEASE be on time?

Great post! This is so my family, but we are worse. Much, much worse. We're hours late.
We typically don't leave the house until we are already thirty minutes or more late for an event. I know that sounds like we do it on purpose, but we don't. The only time that we are on time is when I am a total drill sergeant about it. I forgot to mention this to the Bantering Blonde, but what I do when I put my mind to it is work my way backward. Let's take a family dinner that starts at 4pm.
Take the time that the event starts and subtract 15 minutes. That's my ideal arrival time. 3:45

Then take driving time (in this example 35 min). Add 15 minutes of padding and subtract that from the answer to question 1. That's the time that I want to leave the house. 2:55

The entire family must be downstairs and dressed at least 20 minutes before we want to leave the house to pack snacks, do hair, lotion knees and elbows, find shoes and any number of other last minute things that pop up right before you walk out the door. 2:35.

It takes the four of us at least 90 minutes to get bathed and dressed (it takes me and the kids twenty, the rest is all The Hubs. oops...did I just call him out?) 1:05.

2 hour naps must be taken before we get ready. Kids must go down at 11am. (this is it's own countdown, but I won't get into it here. snack must occur such and such minutes before nap time to allow time for poop. it sucks when the babies go down for a nap and have to wake up thirty minutes into it to poop. They never get the full nap after that...I digress.)

So there you have it, in order to get somewhere on time by 4pm, we have to start planning at 11am. Hence, we are never on time!!

As a matter of fact, once we had the complete indignity of thinking that we were nearly 2 hours late for a family event, only to find that they had intentionally given us the wrong start time. In reality we were on time!
That's when you know your reputation is utterly and completely ruined.
Found you from Real Life Sarah.

This post was inspired by the Bantering Blonde who is always late....just like me. Only she's trying to do something about it!

Real Life Sarah totally rocks! She puts up a Mr. Linky every Monday for whatever you want! No memes (or carnivals. I am constantly getting those confused) required. What a way to pay it forward! Just be sure to visit the other bloggers!


  1. Ha, ha, so you're the one who is always late?? I think it's genetic or something. I am sickeningly prompt, thanks to my dad and being a nurse.

  2. I can't stand being late. It is really a huge pet peeve of mine.

  3. I'm usually an on time kind of girl, but things have gotten harder since the kid arrived. It's amazing how they poop at the worst possible moment.

  4. I'm laughing! I'm so glad I inspired someone this week - lol I hate being late. BUT I do have to say we have been much better lately!

  5. Oh, man - you have really got it down to a science when you have alloted time for snack digestion and popping. LOL But I tend to be chronically early, which is a sickness all its own.

  6. I am like Debbie. I hate being late and get really peeved when anyone else is late for me or makes me late. Good luck with your lateness.

  7. We are always on time, but not by much. And it is always a crazy circus of rushing and complaining with a little yelling thrown in for good measure.