Thursday, May 28, 2009


I jumped at the opportunity to get out of the house alone had to run to Wal-Mart this evening to pick up a few things for my hubby's dessert (yeah, I know......that's another post!).

While there, I browsed the toy section, looking for dolls for Jade and cars for O (these are the toys that they have expressed interest in, this is not me pushing my gender bias on them).

This is the first thing I saw in the doll section:

I thought that was bad, but then I saw her friend.....

I looked at the next display and saw this....

Okay.....are you barfing yet? I'm sorry, but these 'dolls' look like call girls to me. The final insult? The Bratz First Date doll series.

I have so many issues with these dolls. Besides the obnoxious clothes and makeup, why do the features have to be so extra and unnatural? Huge, exaggerated, slanted eyes? Voluminous hair down to their ankles? Pouty, collagen infused lips? And why the 'First Date' series? And if you are going to do a 'First Date' series, why put lipstick on the date? ;)

Images convey powerful messages.
What messages are these dolls conveying to you? What messages are they conveying to the generation of girls who are growing up playing with them?


  1. I have always HATED Bratz dolls. Seriously I didn't even like it when other girls brought theirs to my house. You have it penned correctly, they look like little call girls, and I don't want my daughters thinking its appropriate to be sexualized in such a manner. I could go on forever about this one, but I'll save you from my ranting. Have a good one.

  2. WOW! The BRATZ dolls r getting worse....which i never thought was possible. Crazy huh? It makes girls very self conscious and i think it leads them 2 have distorted self images.

  3. Yup. These dolls and all of their STUFF, are a banned from my house.

  4. Oh I hate them too. It's unbelievable that people buy them and think that there isn't anything wrong with it. Horrible toys. And yes, I threw up in my mouth a little while looking at them. yuck.

  5. And what's with the last one going out on her first date with that Adam kid from American Idol - doesn't she know he isn't into females (he just came out in Rolling Stone)? She'll know by the end of the night!

    My best, Lynn