Monday, May 4, 2009

Rambler says Back the Eff Up

So, I was over at The Rambler's place today where she was totally putting people in their place regarding Personal Space and it reminded me of this recent incident.
I was picking up a few things at the grocery store. While in line, the woman behind me was totally invading my personal space. She didn't have a cart, just a couple of items that she held in her hands. The cashier finished ringing up my items and I was just about to swipe my debit card when the customer in line behind me walked right up to me and said, "Excuse me."

More than a little surprised, I stepped out of the way. She proceeded to pull her debit card out of her wallet and was about to swipe it when I asked, "What are you doing?".

She looked a little confused and the cashier informed her that I had not finished my transaction. She apologized and stepped back. I made light of the situation joking that if she wanted to buy my groceries she was more than welcome.

Okay, but much of a rush do you have to be in to say "Excuse me" to the person in front of you?

At the ATM, the bathroom, all of the personal space invasion places, do you ever have to excuse yourself when it's your turn? No. You know it's your turn when the other person walks away.
Can you imagine someone coming up to you at the ATM and saying, "Excuse me. You done?"
Dude. You'll know I'm done when I'm gone.

This post was inspired by The Rambler who hits the nail on the head. Go read her, she is a total rock star!


  1. I would have made the same joke about letting her buy my groceries. She might have been in for some sticker shock!

  2. UGH... i am as friendly as the next person but i need my personal space.

  3. My goodness. I wonder where she was rushing off too.

  4. You should have just let her pay for your stuff as a "punishment." That's what I do with my kids... works wonders :)

  5. lol this happens at the grocery store all the time!!

  6. What is it w/some people?? Too bad she didn't pay for your groceries.
    When folks get too close, I say, "Get any closer and I'm going to need a condom and some blood work." That usually shocks them to Back The EFF OFF like The Dear Rambler Says!!

  7. I would have let her swipe her card and walked off. LOL Maybe that would have taught her to take a STEP BACK next time!

    Funny post! Love the Rambler and going to check out what she said now!

  8. YOU are too kind.

    And holy WHAT? She actually instead of breathing on your neck waiting for you to punch your code in said excuse me?


    Thanks for the love. Warms the heart of this gal!!

    Have you found the other blog with the same name I was telling you about?