Monday, April 27, 2009

Do you put your BUM on public toilets?

This is so funny to me , because I'm known in my moms group as perfecting the best public potty position.
In my experience most public potties have been too tall for my daughter to squat. So I place one arm behind her back and one arm under her knees. She places one arm around my neck. And the key is, she relaxes her body, bends her knees and drops her bottom down low. This position is so much easier on my body. I hold her very low, her bottom is almost IN the toilet. But she is so tiny that she doesn't touch the seats. The urine goes straight into the toilet.
The dropping of the bottom is key, because once we were at a nature preserve and she had to go outside. She was nervous and didn't drop her bottom. SPRAY!!! It was worse because we had JUST gotten there. My socks were wet! Gross!!!

Anyhoo, the kids might be used to squatting in public restrooms with their parents, but may have associated the Zoo restroom with the school restroom since they were on a field trip. So technically, to them, they were 'at school'. Maybe? IDK!

Ok, last but not least, I just had a field trip with my daughter to the zoo and like I just explained, my daughter knows the deal. Well, guess what. The restroom had child sized toilets. When she saw that she wanted to go 'all by herself'. Get ready for the ick factor. I let her.
Ok, guess I'll go post this over at my blog since I've had writers block the past few days! LOL!!!

This post was inspired by MamaLaw.

Read them.....they'll need witnesses for their insanity pleas!!


  1. Mommy's famous words, "don't sit on the toilet!"

    Winks & Smiles,

  2. I must admit that I am a bit of a freak when it comes to public restrooms. I am certain that I get my tendencies from my Mom, but our people try to avoid the public restrooms at all costs. Just too many things can go wrong in those places, ya know?


  3. I don't have a problem sitting on a public toilet. Unless it has urine all over it or something.

  4. They have toilet seat covers galore where we live, that's a big help. I read somewhere that toilet seats are cleaner than most folks kitchen countertops, talk about icky!!
    Cute post and thank you! Thanks also for your nice comment on my blog, I appreciate it.