Wednesday, May 6, 2009

But, I'm MARRIED!!!!

K, the same thing happened to me!! Not only was I pretty young when I had my first child (24), but I totally have a baby face. I look so young that many times people don't think that I am a youthful looking adult; they really assume that I am a child. It doesn't help that I dress very, uh, casually, don't wear make-up and pull my hair back into a ponytail unless I have a specific reason not to (just in case you're wondering, leaving the house is reason enough in my book).

This makes for sometimes interesting, sometimes just plain annoying situations when I'm doing adult things like, paying bills, banking, grocery shopping, getting an oil change, etc. The worst happened when I was about eight months pregnant with Jade.

My OB's office was adjacent to the hospital and I had developed a weird affinity for the hospital cafeteria's food. Sick, I know. Anywhoo, I walked over to the hospital to get a grilled cheese sandwich. Well, I came across two older women and as I neared them, I made eye contact and give a small smile of hello. Instead of returning my polite gesture, one woman actually rolled her eyes, yes, ROLLED HER EYES and started talking to her companion,

"Dese young girls today just make me so sick. Out here gettin' dese babies and don't even know what to do wit 'em. Got their legs open to every Tom, Dick and Harry and runnin' around here wit NO SHAME, big bellies and all. Somebody need to whip their ass and teach 'em how a lady is spose to act. Hmph!"

O. kay. She intended for me to hear this. She intended to give me some shame because in her estimation I didn't have any. Only, she didn't know that I was an adult, I was married and I was gainfully employed.
So what did I do? Did I put her in her place? Did I put my hand on my hip and start working my neck and let her know just how wrong she was? No! I was eight months pregnant. I went to get my grilled cheese sandwich. I sat down at a table and as I ate the sandwich, I cried my eyes out. I kept saying (to myself, mind you), "but, I'm MARRIED!"
Then I went home and told my husband that for the duration of my pregnancy I refused to leave the house without him by my side.

This post was inspired by K over at Interstitial Life who is also dealing with Mean Girls.
Go read her, she is an amazing writer. And guess what! Today is her SITS day!!! Wooohooo!!!!


  1. Yay! I love it.

    I'm 29 now, but I still get dirty looks if I don't have my wedding ring on.

    I really have a hard time fitting in with the older moms around here. (I'm also 5'8" and a size six, which doesn't help things much at all - don't tell anyone I admitted to that.)

  2. Oh, you are a better person than I, girl... I would have shoved her words so far down her throat she would have pooped them out tomorrow.

  3. First of all, I stopped by because the comment you left on The Rambler's blog made me giggle.
    Secondly, I would have let that old bag have it! I used to be quiet and reserved, not any more. Grrr. I hate stupid people.

    P.S. do you happen to live near me? The linguistics of those women sound very much like the locals, lol.

  4. Happens to me all the time. Not as much as it used to (sadly). But, when I was pregnant w/my first (@23) my husband actually said he was kinda embarrassed b/c he got the impression that people thought he was some kind of perv, walking around w/his teenage, pregnant girlfriend, him being a grown up and all. Whatever, people should mind their own business anyway:) Glad you found me!

  5. oh how tacky....of them....I would have totally showed her up....ohhhh I am fuming for should be thrilled you look young....and thanks so much for coming by...and the awesome comments...made my day....

  6. I think I would have talked out loud for her like she did me! Grrr Makes me wish I had been there to talk out loud for you.

    ....she's right though. not about you but the generation coming up.


  7. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I totally related to what you said re holding a child crying in your arms while being followed by another crying one. Thanks for your suggestion of doing the opposite. I really needed to hear a good idea like that.

    Re: your post. I can't believe that woman would say such a thing so you could hear.That's awful.

    It was nice to meet you Sapphire (love your name by the way, my favourite and my birthstone)

  8. Sorry to hear that you got treated so badly.