Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mother, Daughter, Wife, Sister, Friend

7:00am - My kids are up, I'm up. Combing hair, picking out clothes, preparing breakfast, playing, laughing, scolding, rushing.....getting the day started.

11:00am - I'm taking my dad to his Dr.'s appointment and to our local farmers' market. He brought a large cooler with him this visit and has plans to purchase ten pounds of the turkey sausage that they only sell at this farmers' market. He wants me with him when he gets his first PSA results after his surgery and he wants me with him at the farmers' market, to make sure he is getting the right kind of sausage.

4:00pm - I'm marinating a turkey breast in jerk sauce because I know that the Hubs loves jerk seasoning and we haven't had it in a while. I'm also taking care of some household business....faxing a document, calling the lawn guy, transferring money, etc.

8:00pm - I'm talking to my baby sister on the phone. I'm giving her advice on her relationship with her boyfriend, her relationship with our brother and our mother, talking to her professors, managing her employees at work, managing her supervisors at work and we end the conversation with a lesson in how to make macaroni and cheese.

11:00pm - I'm speeding on the highway, trying to make it as quickly and safely as possible to my girlfriend's house. She called me hysterical......she had to call 911.......her 2o month old is having trouble breathing.......her five year old is with her.......she can't find her husband.....
I'm on my way, I say.

2:00 am - I collapse into bed after seeing her five year old safely to a mutual friend's house for the night and staying with her at the children's hospital until her husband finally arrived.


  1. Holy Cow, hope everything is okay w/your sister's baby. Take good care, send my best.

  2. You're a busy woman! I hope that guy had a REALLY good excuse for being MIA that late!

  3. I hope your friend's baby is okay, and to sum it up, that's "life as I know"...hehehe :)

  4. Hope all is well with your friend's baby.
    And after reading about your hectic day I DARE anyone to say anything about SAHMs chilling all day at home. Life takes over in a big way.