Monday, June 15, 2009

Keep the Change

How was your weekend? Mine was very busy, but we still managed to get some relaxing in. Check out this hilarious situation from Saturday and let me know what you think....

Being the wonderful wife that I am, I decided to give my hubby a nice treat and take the kids out for the entire day on Saturday so that he could have some relax time. I know from first hand experience how rare it is to be alone in the house. You can go out to a coffee shop to grab a few minutes of alone time or you can have girls' night out, but how often do you have the luxury of being alone in your own home? For those of us with little kids, not very often. So, I took the kids out for the entire day. I left home around 11am and came home around 6pm. That's right, I even skipped their nap, opting instead to let them catnap in the car as we made the rounds visiting and running various errands.
There was just one stipulation....I asked hubby to clean the kids' bathroom (which had been out of order since my dad left more than a month ago). So basically, I asked him to do a chore that is normally mine and in exchange for doing me a favor, I would take the kids and give him some alone time. To thoroughly clean the bathroom would have only taken, at the most forty minutes. And that includes mopping the floor and cleaning the mirror. It's a tiny bathroom.

So tell me why I came home at around 6pm and hubby had not cleaned the bathroom. He was in good spirits, happy and appreciative of the alone time, but he hadn't cleaned the bathroom. But then he said, 'a deal's a deal and I will get right to it'.

Uh, dude, no. You were supposed to clean the bathroom while we were gone. Now that we are back, I'm ready to relax, not keep the kids away from you while you clean. The deal wasn't that you would clean the bathroom eventually, it was that you would clean the bathroom while we were gone. He didn't get why I was annoyed, so I gave him this analogy which I thought was pretty clever:
Honey, imagine a mother sending a child to the store to pick up a few items and telling the child to keep the change. Now imagine that the child goes to the store, doesn't get the items that the mom requested but instead spends all of the money on candy. Then the child comes back home and asks for more money to get the groceries. That's what you did.

That was a good analogy, right?


  1. Excellent analogy. I would have been annoyed too.

  2. It's a good analogy, lost on men though, they really have their own time schedule.

  3. Yep. All good.

    Do all men work this way? I'm thinking yes...

    Hope you weren't annoyed for too long. :)

  4. Great analogy. But, since my husband hasn't cleaned a bathroom in almost fourteen years, I think you're pretty lucky to get him to do it at all.

  5. Excellent analogy.

    Maybe, he'll give you some alone time this weekend so you can not do the laundry... :-)

  6. Wow, a man cleaning a toilet. Wait, let me just bask in that visual a moment.
    *ahhh, that's nice.*