Thursday, June 4, 2009

Granny Panties

We all have them, right? They are so comfortable yet so unattractive. I love my granny panties.

Unfortunately, my granny panties look a lot worse than those. I had planned to take a picture of my actual granny panties for this post, but guess what? I'm wearing them!!!!! ROFL!!!!

Yes honey, I can't help it. They feel sooooo good. When I go to get dressed, if I see the granny panties, they are going on! They never give me a wedgie, they hug my bum just right, I can wear them with almost anything. Ahhhhh......I love my granny panties.

I remember the day I bought them. What a glorious day it was. We were shopping at an outlet center. I stopped by the L'eggs Hanes Bali Playtex Factory Outlet Store. My lovely granny panties came in a package of three. This is what they looked like when they were brand new...

only mine are black.

Problem is, they are getting a little, uh, worn. My granny panties look like this now

Yes. My granny panties are holey. And not just on the side. I've got quite a few, ahem, vents in my granny panties. ;)

Have no fear, friends. This post has a happy ending. If you are like me and have some granny panties that you need to get rid of, Vicki's Secret is making it easy for us to replace them.

Here's a coupon for free panties at Victoria's Secret, no purchase necessary!!! Hurry, go get some. It expires today!!!


  1. Yeah! I love Victoria Secret panties.

    I can pretend my granny panties are actually sexy that way.

  2. Alas we have no Vickis Secret here in Hawaii.

    Oh well back to my granny's...which I LOVE. Crazy thong wearing people.

  3. Thanks for the coupon. I left you a lil something on my blog. I hope you like it. You deserve it.

  4. I like Hanes and Jockey and the panty makers are getting smarter and making granny panties out of hot pink and leopard fabric now.

  5. I'm so glad I'm not the only mom wearing granny panties! Long live comfortable panties!!

  6. Hilarious!!! I was joking with my friend, back in the day, when I was "out of undies: all I had left were granny panties. Now days, when I'm "out" I got a drawer full of thongs. LOL! Viva la granny pants!

  7. I don't see the other comment I added this morning. I gave you an award! And, not just for writing about granny panties!

    It's on Crumbs.

  8. rofl @ the granny panties .. we all have a pair, it's undenialble to think otherwise lol .. this was a great post!

    ps: thanks so much for your visit to my blog!


  9. Oh man, I missed it! And my lingerie collection is HURTING, too!

  10. Not a fan of VS undies but thanks for posting this coupon. I was guilty of purchasing the wrong size undies particularly bras. After being correctly fitted last year, that is no longer a problem. However I am having the hardest time finding 100% cotton cute panties, no nylon, silk or satin for me. Macy's used to have sales but now all they promote are the awful spandex blends. Any help would be appreciated :-)