Friday, April 17, 2009

Mini-Me Strikes Again

Ok, so this is hilarious.....

Remember when I was talking about how things you say to your children come back to bite you? Well, because I feel like Jade is constantly asking for something, I have told her in the past that my name is not "Mommy-may-I-have". It came back to bite me big time.

So, it's a few days before my trip and I am as distracted as ever. I'm thinking about all the things I have to do before I leave to make sure things go smoothly for me and my family while I'm gone. Onyx is napping. Jade is sitting at the kitchen table having a snack of graham crackers and dried pineapple pieces while coloring and I am at the sink washing greens (to cook for their dinner while I'm gone) and washing dishes. Don't ask me how you wash greens and dishes at the same time, you just do!

So, Jade asks if she can have more graham crackers. This makes me realize that it is really time for her to have lunch, but I want to finish the dishes and the greens before Onyx wakes, so in that distracted mom type way I answer her without really answering. "Honey, it's almost time for lunch. What are you going to have? We only have a little bit of curry chicken salad. I guess I'll make you a grilled cheese sandwich."

She somehow cuts through all the extraneous crap and gets to the heart of what she wants to communicate, "I don't want grilled cheese. I'll just take the little bit of curry chicken salad."

Alas, poor Jade doesn't get either the chicken salad or the graham crackers because I am distracted mom. I just stand at the sink and continue washing. My mind has already gone on to something else. Jade keep coloring.

About 8 minutes go by and she asks for more dried pineapple. This again brings me back to the present moment and as I look at the clock, I note again (as though I hadn't just noted this 8 minutes ago) that it is really her lunch time. Again I mention that there is not enough curry chicken salad for a suitable lunch and once again I suggest grilled cheese instead.

Jade: No grilled cheese. I'll just take the curry chicken salad.

But once again, too bad and so sad for Jade. Distracted Mom is here to stay. I continue washing and she doesn't get the chicken salad, the grilled cheese or the pineapple pieces. She keeps coloring. Honestly, I don't know what was wrong with me. I guess I was just really intent on finishing up what I was doing.

So a few more minutes pass and Jade tries again. This time she asks for water. It's like everytime she asks for something I am again reminded that the girl needs lunch. So, I snap out of it and say, "Jade, I'm so sorry honey. I am going to make you a grilled cheese sandwich right now."

Jade snaps. She sucks her teeth (loudly!) and says, " You know what, Mom? Nevermind!" (She is four year old, people!)

I am shocked! I am so shocked that I don't even comment on her rudeness. I exclaim, "Whaaat?" As in, why are you saying nevermind, not who do you think you are talking to.

She lays into me (you just have to imagine this with a four year old accent for lack of a better term):

I told you a long time ago that I don't like grilled cheese and not to make it anymore. I TOLD you that I wanted a little bit of curry chicken salad, but you keep asking me over and over and over and over again, do you want grilled cheese! My name is not Jade-do -you want!!!!!

O. kay. I just picked my face up off the floor and gave the girl some curry chicken salad, crackers and fruit. And I haven't mentioned grilled cheese since.


  1. I think the little toddler additudes are so funny.

    Good luck.

  2. That would have snapped me back into the present as well! How funny.

  3. Hi-larious. You know they really are quite well able of expressing themselves.

  4. Soooo cute! My 4 year old would do and say the very same thing. And I do what you do. Reading your post was like reading my own life. I'm loving this!! I'm going to follow you since I believe your a kindred spirit hee hee! Thanks for visiting my blog!!