Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I love how kids just break out in random happiness. The other day I was shopping with Jade and O and since the store wasn't crowded, I allowed Jade to push a full sized cart all by herself, just to appease her.

Let me say that I had just seen one of my husband's female colleagues in the store. She is a professional working mother of two, I am a stay-at-home mother of two. Whenever I see her, she looks impeccable and I look a mess.
I run into her far too frequently around town. We aren't really friends, so the first time I ran into her, we chatted for a few minutes. Then I saw her about two weeks later; shorter chat. Then I saw her again at a birthday party; barely chat. And then there was this last time, I pretended that I didn't see her and she pretended that she didn't see me.
Well, as fate would have it, I turned down an aisle that she was on and we were forced to speak to each other...this whole 'pretending not to see each other' was just pure silliness, anyway.

However, I was mortified when a few moments later, as we were leaving the aisle, I heard Jade let out a LOUD, "Whee-hee-HEEEEEEEEEEEEE" as she pushed the cart and then hopped on the back for a short ride. Oh my goodness! I was soooo embarrassed!!!

But then I thought about it. She was so genuinely was clearly like the most authentic kid moment I've seen her have in a long time. I put my pride behind me and enjoyed her enjoying herself.
Sometimes , you have to let kids revel in their unabashed kid-ness.


  1. Kids gotta be kids... their childhood is so fleeting.. adulthood is long & not nearly as fun.

  2. I think you should be proud that she is uninhibited and sees the joy in the little things in life. End of story.

    Although I have to say I know some folks like that as well and I react exactly the same way..