Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rudey Award!!!

So check this out....Jade, Onyx and I were out running around all afternoon, so we stopped at Chick-fil-A for lunch. I bring Onyx into the restaurant in his car seat, grab one of those high chairs on wheels and rest the car seat on top. Picture this : I am carrying a purse and a diaper bag on one arm and pushing a car seat perched on a high chair with the hand attached to that arm. In the other hand I am carrying a tray full of chicken, fruit, fries and drinks and trying to keep Jade near me as I attempt to make it to a booth. I am heading toward a side of the restaurant where there are only THREE boothes; a couple occupies one booth, a booth in the middle is vacant but clearly dirty (not filthy, but you can see crumbs on the table) and a third unoccupied, clean booth. As I am walking towards the booth a woman comes from behind me, goes around me and sits in the booth that I am clearly headed for. She gets there about 4 seconds before we do. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS WOMAN?? It was so blatantly rude that I had to say something. I say, "Oh, I guess you beat me to it!" Then she has the nerve to say, "Oh, I thought you were headed for that booth," (the dirty one). Give me a break! I wasn't going for that one for the same reason she wasn't and she knew it. Like I explained those were the only seats on that side of the restaurant. I had to turn around with all my stuff and go back ACROSS the restaurant to another seat. I really couldn't believe her. Lady, you get the rude person of the day award!!!


  1. That same thing happened to me recently and I couldn't believe it...some people!!! I'm visiting from SITS...have a good one!

  2. What really shocks me is that she had the audacity to try and make an excuse for herself. I've totally been engrossed in thought... cut somebody off (or whatever)... had them make a gentle comment (like you did)... but I never dfended myself!!! I usually fall all over myself trying to undo my careless damage.

    I agree -- She IS the rude person of the day.