Tuesday, March 17, 2009

RANT!!!! ****Update****

OK, so I am watching the morning news shows and I find out that the bonuses have already been paid AND it has been public knowledge for a year. Then I see a clip of the President on television telling me that he is 'choking with anger'. No, Mr. President, I am choking with anger because you are trying to play me and you promised that you wouldn't. In your campaign you said you would bring a new kind of politics to Washington, but it seems to me that you are playing the same old game. You and your staff knew or should have known about these bonuses well before this week. That means that if it angered you, you should have been angry when YOU found out about it, not when WE found out about it. That means you should have told Secretary Geithner to employ every legal means to STOP the bonuses, not every legal means to GET THE MONEY BACK. I'm sorry Mr. President....I'm disappointed.

Sidenote: I was combing my daughter's hair and making breakfast while watching the morning news. My daughter, after listening to my rants for about 10 minutes, asks, "Mommy......um, why are you talking to those people? They can't hear you...they're just on TV."
Thanks, baby..ROFL!!!!!

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  1. Oh crap!! They can't hear me?! No wonder they never answer my questions!!

    I feel your pain. Business as usual in Washington I guess...