Tuesday, August 11, 2009

School News!!!

Remember way back when I was so stressed out over Jade's school?

Well, I have excellent news to report on that front. It's a long story even for a blog post, but I'll try to condense it as much as possible.

Shortly after I posted about my confusion, I began to pray earnestly for God to reveal to me the path that I should take.

I felt that He was leading me to pull Jade out of her current foreign language immersion school. So I did.

Four days later, I got an e-mail that this private school had openings and scholarship money. I went to check out the school's website and instantly fell in love with the school's philosophy. Just about as close to my views on education as you can get in an institution.

I called them and found out that the scholarship money was earmarked for grades three and higher.


Couldn't stop thinking about it, so I asked a friend of mine to introduce me to the director of the school. She did and that got me an 'in'.

Once I got the Director on the phone, he said they 'might' be able to find some money for Kindergarten. He suggested I come in for a tour.

Jade and I went in and Jade wowed them (no coaching, I swear!).

They asked us to apply. We did.

They called us today. Jade was accepted and we got a scholarship.

Can you say ECSTATIC?!!!!

Praise God! I feel so at ease about this decision. No knots in my stomach, no wondering if she really is getting a quality education. Just peace. Peace feels so good.

School starts Monday! Woohooo!!!!