Friday, August 14, 2009

It all started with raisins....

I'm so PO'd, I really can't even write well right now, so let me take a deep breath........*exhale* and try to organize my thoughts.

It all started with raisins. I needed some raisins to make my famous homemade applesauce. The Hubs went in late today and Jade spent the night with granny, so I didn't have the kids with me when I made a quick run to Publix.

After missing the raisin aisle twice, I grabbed a box and headed to the checkout. I spied one with no line. As I speed walked over to the checkout lane, I was stopped in my tracks by the shocking imagery on a magazine cover

WTF?????? I need to see this when I'm checking out because???

I just think this type of 'art' needs to be in a brown wrapper, in the magazine aisle or something. NOT in the checkout lane. I was just at this same grocery store two days ago with both of my kids. They could have easily been there with me this time and if they had been, you know Jade would have had something to say. How the hell could I have explained that?

Of course, I complained to the manager and they apologized profusely and agreed to remove it stat. I'm just writing to warn on the look out for smutty, pornography in the checkout lane and if you see it, please take the time to insist that they remove it!


  1. It seems a bit much on the aisle while checking out. It probably will be quite the shoplifting target for teen boys.

  2. Good for you! I hate that kind of thing too.

  3. Oh my goodness. That is pretty shocking.

  4. One more thing, let's hear the recipe for that famous apple sauce.