Friday, July 24, 2009

Do I hear $200?

A few days ago, The Hubs and I went to a glitzy charity auction at a fancy schmancy hotel in the city. We scored free tickets courtesy of his boss who was double booked for the evening.

I got all dressed up and looked fabulous, if I do say so myself. The Hubs looked pretty good as well. I mean, I did allow him to stand next to me , y'know? ;)

It was a great time. Open bar, delicious food, open bar, good company, open bar, wonderful entertainment. Did I mention open bar?

The mistress of ceremonies mentioned that the silent auction would be closing in just a few minutes time, so I decided to go take a look at the wares. Just a look. Of course, I knew that we weren't going to be bidding on anything. You know with us not having any income and all. So, I just wanted to take a looksy.

As I perused the items with glass of wine in hand, I noticed that there was a fabulous item that only had one bidder. A private 5 course lunch and makeover for four at an upscale department store. Ha! The lone bidder was to become the owner of such a prize for the low, low price of $100. Almost a shame considering the auction was for charity, don't you think?

I knew you would agree with me. I immediately knew what had to be done and wasted no time doing it. In these difficult economic times, charities need our generosity, right? So, I bid against bidder 96 and upped the ante just a little bit. I mean, I've solicited for auctions before and whoever snagged this prize, surely thought it would bring in more money than a measly $100.

Just as I thought, after I added my bid, Bidder 96 decided that she wanted to own that item. Instead of going up one increment, she went up two increments!

Now, at this point, I really can't explain what happened. Something came over me. It's probably the same thing that comes over gamblers when they are at the Roulette table or shopaholics when they are at the mall. Perhaps it is just that thing that comes over people when they are on their (now) third glass of wine after being cooped up with two kids all week. ahem.

In any event, completely unbeknownst to The Hubs, I began a bidding war with Bidder 96. She played along. Finally, with just two minutes before closing, I snapped out of it and took my little self into the ballroom to eat the third course which was being served. I thought for sure Bidder 96 would swoop in at the last possible second and claim her prize.

Two hours later, as we were preparing to leave, I inquired at the check-out table, just in case.
Would you believe that Bidder 96 choked in the end and let me win the item? I was shocked (plus my wine had worn off). I was now the proud owner of the fabulous prize and the volunteer thanked me for my generosity.

Let's just say that Hubby was not as impressed.


  1. Ha, ha, ha, I've gotten carried away before. I hope you have fun.

  2. What a great prize! I think hubby was mad because you're probably not going to take him. :-)

  3. FUN!
    I probably wouldn't have bid on anything either with money situations here, lol. EXCEPT that's an awesome prize! And with a few glasses of wine I SO would have jumped in. Annnnnnd my hubby wouldn't have been 'impressed' either. But moms never ever do anything for what the heck!

  4. Thank you for the SITS welcome!

    Well at least you will have the luxurious makeover to pamper your wounds after hubs gives a good tongue lashing :) lol!

  5. I hope you have fun with your makeover. That's too funny.

  6. Silent auctions are evil!! We've done the same thing ourselves... You get so caught up in at and then wham-o!! Time to pay up. Never seems like as good of an idea after the fact....

  7. Hey enjoy yourself nothing that can be done now, accept maybe sell it on craigslist.

  8. I hope it's a fabulous time.

    Maybe you can call it an early holiday gift?

  9. Oh, I am bad at silent auctions. Very bad. I shouldn't be allowed near them!